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Hello! I'm not sure how you ended up here, but hello anyway! As you can see, there's nothing here anymore. If you're REALLY curious to know, it's because I moved URLs!

If you're still reading this, the tumblr is still pretty much the same. Except there's a lot more posts from gay visual novels now!

Things you can expect to find on Caffeinated-Cake (you probably saw a lot of this on PachiCake too):

  • Porn! 2D porn, 3D porn, animu porn!
  • If you don't wanna see the porny stuff, use Tumblr Savior to block #NSFW. 9/10, I tag NSFW things with that.
  • Gay things!
  • This typically applies to shipping stuff, but I do also post things about the LGBT community.
  • Occassional social justice!
  • I am someone who believes that there are things that need to be changed in the world, or at least brought to attention. People need to be educated about topics that could easily affect them!
    I promise I'm not the kind of "social justice" blog that screams things like DIE CIS SCUM or responds with "Check your privalege." Neither one are good arguments or means to educate people about the gender spectrum or (for example) race issues.
  • General silliness!
  • I'm a silly person, so why wouldn't my tumblr have silly posts?
  • Also, some Homestuck fanart/fanart from fandoms I have nothing to do with.
  • I don't know shit about Homestuck but DAMN I will reblog that beautiful fanart. Just a warning, this IS untagged.
I occassionally post triggery content. This will always, ALWAYS be tagged with AT LEAST #trigger warning, if not what it's triggering for. Usually both. If I happen to reblog something and don't tag it, it'll probably be as a link (grr alt+reblog) and then be deleted and re-reblogged with the proper tag ASAP. Please send me an ask if you need me to tag a specific thing with #trigger warning!

I've spent enough time rambling about myself! Really, I don't usually make posts like this, but this seemed fun and it turned out that it was! The links below will take you to my "theme" blog (there's only redirect pages right now :T), my main blog or my ask box. Have a great day!

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